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Frequently Asked Questions
expand  How can I be prepared for a poison emergency?
expand  I think my child drank something poisonous! What should I do?

Remain calm. Not all medicines and household products are poisonous. Follow the label instructions on the household bottle and call the poison center hotline. For medicines call the hotline immediately. In all cases don't wait for symptoms to appear and call the Poison Center right away.

expand  Snake bites/scorpion stings, are they venomous?
expand  What about poisonous plants?
Safe indoor and outdoor plants are an important consideration. One should learn the names of all plants at home and yard as the poison center cannot identify them by phone, any local garden store can help.
expand  What are the most common poisons in Jordan?
expand  What are the most dangerous poisons?

Be aware that the most common poisons are not necessarily the most dangerous ones. You could find the following dangerous poisons at your home:

  • Corrosive household products like drain openers, toilet bowel and oven cleaners.
  • Some medicines.
  • Car antifreeze.
  • Fuels such as kerosene, gasoline.
  • Pesticides.
expand  What is a poison?
expand  Why is your poison center important in your community?

Besides saving lives, poison centers are as cost effective as childhood immunizations. Poison centers eliminate unnecessary physician office visits, hospital admissions, lab testing and ambulance runs. This is realized for every case of long-term hemodialysis, neurologic impairment, or disability which is prevented.

expand  Why should I call the poison center?