For poisoning call 0798506755 •  24 hours a day • 7 days a week • free of charge
Who we are?


Who we are?


What is the National Drug and Poison Information Center?

The National Drug and Poison Information Center was established in 2004 by The Jordanian Swedish Medical Association (JSMA) and is located in the Emergency Department at Jordan University Hospital. It is the one and only center that provides poison information, 24 hours-emergency telephone management and consultation (free of charge) for all citizens in Jordan, collects data and delivers professional and public education.


Our mission:

To prevent poison exposure, save lives and limit injury from poisoning through dissemination of poison information and treatment advice, public and professional education and scientific research. The Center decreases health care costs of poisoning cases and minimize adverse effects of exposures to drugs, poisons, chemicals and natural toxins.


Our vision:

National poison center vision is to be the regional leader for excellence in poison prevention, education, research and treatment.

By calling 0798506755 anywhere in Jordan, you can obtain emergency information on:

  • Drug overdose. 
  • Any household/chemical or pesticide exposure.
  • Any gas inhalation.
  • Snake bite/scorpion sting.
  • Other animal/insect sting or bite.
  • Plant toxicity.
  • Drug information. 

Calls are handled quickly, accurately, with up-to-date information all over the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Who will answer your call?

Your call will be answered by one of the specialists at the Poison Center. These experts are trained nurses and pharmacists who specialize in poisoning emergency treatment and poison prevention.

The poison specialist will provide telephone information advice for all kinds of poisoning and will help you to decide if you need to go to a hospital. Most poisonings are not life threatening and can be handled at home with the help of a specialist, saving you time and money.


The poison center staff utilizes their professional expertise as well as an extensive variety of computer databases, textbooks and journal articles to determine the appropriate treatment guidelines for patients. For complicated cases other specialists are available for consultation. Careful assessment of patient condition as well as substance of exposure is necessary before determining treatment recommendations. The poison center staff utilizes continuous follow-up and evaluation to determine whether the recommended treatment is effective in producing a positive patient outcome

  • How do we help?


Here's how we help……..Free

We save lives & reduce illness from poisonings……    

Quick action could save a life. About half of the poisoning emergencies involve children, but we also provide immediate life-saving information for medication error, chemical spills, occupational exposures, drugs misuse & drug interactions.


We reduce health care costs………..

A lot of poisons could be treated at home; safely we reduce the health care costs & save the emergency doctor’s time.


We work to prevent poisonings………….

We carry out health education lectures for both public & health care professionals.