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Department of Accident and Emergency
Department Services :



This department consists of:



- Triage Room, it is the front line room to classify patients according to their acuity of illnesses depending on Canadian triage system. It is equipped with vital signs devices to check blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and pulse oxymetery.



- Two Recitation Rooms to receive critically ill patients (Triage level 1 & 2); they are equipped with all devices needed to deal with such cases including emergency crush cards trolley, pulse oxymeter, defibrillators, and ventilators.



-  One Isolation Room, it receives all types of cases that need to be isolated such as specific infectious diseases, also any cases need a good exposure and direct showering like Organophosphorus poisoning and other dermal violating material.


- Two Internal Medicine Room receiving a wide variety of different medical cases (Triage 3 & 4), they are equipped with advanced devices to deal with such cases


- Two Surgical Rooms receiving different surgical cases, general surgical and sub surgical cases (Urology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Maxillofacial, Ophthalmology, ENT cases), and equipped with high-tech devices.


- One Emergency Plaster Room used for splinting and managing many orthopedic trauma cases.


- Three pediatric rooms receiving all medical pediatric cases under the age group of (14), equipped with all devices that suit this age group.


- X-ray Room (under construction).


- CT-Scan Room (under construction).


- Pharmacy Room, which provides all medications needed to deal with emergency cases.


- Three Laboratory Rooms, equipped with all machines needed to carry out urgent tests.






Department Divisions :