Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Patients Rights


           To receive proper, considerate, and respectful care at all times.


           you have the right to be told by your doctor about your diagnosis and the right to participate in the care decision making


           You have the right to complain, without fear of reprisals, about the care and services you are receiving and to have the hospital respond to you.


           To receive considerate and respectful care at all times, consistent with your personal values and beliefs and to have access to spiritual and religious support.


           To have all your medical and personal information kept confidential and protected from loss or misuse.


           To be protected from any type of assault whilst a patient.


           You have the right to receive detailed information about your hospital and physician charges.




Patients Responsibilities


           You are expected to treat hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.


           To cooperate with your caregivers.

           To respect the hospital’s rules and regulations including those regarding smoking, noise, number of visitors and visiting hours.

           Be respectful of the property of the hospital.

           Be respectful of the property of other persons.


           To keep appointments, to be on time for appointments.


           Be respectful of other patients' right to privacy.