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Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care
Department Services :

Since its establishment, the specialty of Anesthesia and Intensive care in the faculty of Medicine at Jordan University was started as a unit in the department of General surgery. In 2007 the section of anesthesia and Intensive care was upgraded into the department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care.

Academic and training services in the department:

1.  Running the course of Anesthesia and Intensive care for Fourth-Year medical students

2.  Running the higher education teaching program of Anesthesia and Intensive care for postgraduate doctors entering the specialty.

3. Conducting Academic research in the specialty.

4.  Participating in national, regional and international meetings and conferences in the specialty.

5. Participation in training doctors from other medical disciplines: Dental and maxillofacial, clinical pharmacists, emergency medicine doctors.

Clinical Services

The Department offers the following services to the community through Jordan University Hospital:

1-  Anesthetic care required for different types of surgeries and diagnostic procedures including general anesthesia, sedation, and regional anesthesia.

2-   Intensive care management in our multidisciplinary Intensive care unit and post cardiac surgery intensive care unit.

3-  Chronic pain Management outpatient and procedural care.

4-  Acute pain management services: covering postoperative and Labor pain services.


Department Divisions :