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Department of Internal Medicine
Department Services :

This department offers the following medical services and tests:


-  Noninvasive Ventilation in MICU


-  Tests for patients with special serious breathing problems.

-  Bronchoscopy.

- Spirometry (Pulmonary Function tests)

- Upper, lower and Capsule Endoscopy and Endoscopic Laser photo coagulation of Colonic Polyps.

- Plasmapheresis.

- The resumption of kidney transplant program at JUH

- Bone marrow transplant.

-  Hemodialysis Unit.

- Echocardiography.

- Electrocardiography (ECG).

- Cardiac Electrophysiology Study.

-Treadmill Test.

- Diagnostic and therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization.

- Offering psychiatric consultations to Psychiatric patients in psychiatry outpatients clinic.

- Electroencephalography (EEG)

- Nerve Conduction Study and Electromyography.

-Visual evoked potential test.

- Video EEG.

Department Divisions :