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Department of Medical Laboratory and Forensic Medicine
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Medical laboratory Department is considered as one of the main important departments at Jordan University Hospital. It plays an important role in providing medical care for patients, in addition to its participation in teaching and training medical students, medical laboratory students, and pathology residents at the University of Jordan and other Universities. Medical Laboratory Department provides the majority of lab tests for inpatients and outpatients; it is committed to the latest and most trusted methods of testing to guarantee the accuracy and quality of each analysis


Medical laboratory Department has the following sections:


Section of Hematology:

-  It provides some of the most important tests such as complete blood count, blood coagulation tests, blood film, hemoglobin electrophoresis, and Bone marrow examination.


Microbiology and Parasitology Section :

- It provides tests such as bacterial culture and sensitivity tests on many body fluids and microscopic examination to identify some parasites in urine and stool.


Biochemistry Section

-  It provides tests such as  blood sugar level, liver and kidney function tests, lipid profile and amino acids tests


Histopathology and cytology Section

-  It provides histopathologic examination using the light microscope for biopsies and surgical specimens; in addition for cytopathologic examinations of fluid specimens (exfoliated and aspirated).


Serology and Immunology Section:

- It provides tests such as CRP, Rheumatoid factor, tests for systemic lupus erythematosus and various immunofluorescence tests.


Molecular Biology Section :

-  It provides many tests such as PCR for diagnosis of AIDS, Hepatitis and some genetic tests.


Outpatient Clinics Lab:

-  In this section, the technicians withdraw blood from patients and then these blood specimens get distributed to all sections of the main lab with the special forms.


Toxicology and Clinical Chromatography Section:

-  It was established in 1997 for diagnosis of intoxication cases that are referred to JUH


Blood Bank:

-  This section collects blood units from the blood donors and testing it for infectious diseases and then the technicians extract specimens such as packed red cells, platelets, fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate.


 Cytogenetics Section:

- This section was established in 2009 and it provides tests for congenital anomalies at the level of chromosomes.


Emergency Room Lab:

-   This lab was established in 2011


Forensic Medicine Section

-  It was established in 1977

Department Divisions :