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Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicines
Department Services :


This department offers the following services:

- MRI (3T): All types of examinations, including:

a. MR Defecography.

b. MR Enterography.

c. MRI for adult bone age.


-  Health resolution computed tomography (128-slice HRCT).

All types of examinations, including:

a. Cardiac and coronary CT angiography.

b. Neuronavigation.


- Ultrasound

- Doppler Ultrasound

- Digital Fluoroscopy.

-   X-Ray (Routine and IVP).

- Angiography (Diagnostic)

- Interventional Angiography (therapeutic)




Nuclear Medicine


Divisions of the Department:

-  General Radiology (including routine X-rays and fluoroscopy).

-  Special Radiology (including MRI,HRCT and colored Doppler Ultrasonography)

-  Nuclear Medicine (including bone densitometry, general nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures including brain, pulmonary SPECT, myocardial perfusion SPECT and almost all diagnostic routine procedures. Nuclear medicine is also equipped for outpatient radiation iodine treatment. Inpatient room for high doses, radiation doses is also available.


Department Divisions :