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Rehabilitation is the development of patient to the maximum level of function (physiological, educational, vocational, a vocational) consistent with his impairments and disabilities.


Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), is a medical specialty concerned with diagnosis, evaluation, and management of persons of all ages with physical and/or cognitive impairments and disabilities.


The department of rehabilitation medicine at Jordan University Hospital consists of 2 units (physical and occupational therapy). The head of department is a consultant and Professor of physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the department has 20 Physical and occupational therapists, most of them have bachelor degree in physical and occupational therapy with long experience in the field. It provides both in and outpatient Rehabilitation.


The physical therapy unit has the following sections:


  Physical modalities section: this section provides various treatments including superficial and deep heat modalities, cold therapy, laser therapy, shock wave therapy and electrical stimulation.

  Therapeutic exercise section: various forms of isometric and isotonic exercises are provided including gait training.

  Hydrotherapy section: hydrotherapy treatment is provided for upper and lower parts of the body.

 Pediatric physical therapy section: functional training is provided for pediatric patients having various types of impairments as cerebral palsy, myopathies and MMC.



The occupational therapy unit provides occupational therapy treatments for pediatric and adults to improve their ADL, The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in everyday life activities and to help them being independent in those activities.

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