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WHO Experts visits JU hospitalWithin the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative


​A team of experts from the World Health Organization concludes its visit to the JU Hospital on Wednesday 21st March, 2022, as part of the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative.
The visit, which lasted for (3) days, included tours of the most prominent departments and vital units of the hospital, during which a full survey of the hospital was conducted in addition to a review of the policies adopted for patient safety.
In turn, the Director General of the hospital, Prof. Jamal Melhem, said that this visit demonstrated the extent to which the hospital applied quality requirements in terms of patient safety, public safety and infection control policies, noting that the most prominent observations that the team monitored were positive ones, pointing out that JU Hospital is The first hospital to participate in this initiative.
Melhem thanked the hospital staff for their efforts that had a great impact on the development of health care services provided, stressing that the wheel of development does not stop and the hospital will continue to work to remain a leading medical entity for all health sector institutions.