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In cooperation between the hospital pharmacy and the University of Jordan pharmacy


​An awareness campaign about the use of medicines during the holy month of Ramadan at Jordan University Hospital
The Director-General of Jordan University Hospital, Prof. Jamal Melhem, lead the awareness campaign set up by the Department of Pharmacy, in cooperation with clinical training students, specializing in a doctor of pharmacy at the University of Jordan, on the use of medicines in all their forms during Ramadan, in response to inquiries and questions from patients and visitors to the hospital regard this matter.
Melhem, accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Jordan, Prof. Rana Abu Al-Dhahab and the Pharmacy Department Director, Dr. Khawla Abu Hammour, toured departments that were set for the concerned parties’ communication with the visitors and patients, it included giving advice, distributing awareness brochures of most medical specialties such as diabetes, heart, arteries, chest diseases and eyes In addition to distributing awareness cards about the types of medicines and how to use them during the holy month.
Melhem stressed the importance of establishing such initiatives and activities that provide advice and benefit to patients their families, especially during Ramadan, in order to prevent any confusion among patients with their medications and ways of taking and using them while fasting. He also praised the pioneering role played by the Department of Pharmacy with all its cadres and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in educating hospital visitors and providing them with service fulfilling the essence of the service in the hospital.
For her part, Abu Hammour indicated that the idea of establishing this initiative came in line with the vision and message of the Department of Pharmacy calling for providing advice, awareness and assistance based on social responsibility and in response to the frequent inquiries of hospital visitors about how to use medicines in all their forms during the holy month.
Abu Hammour thanked the department's staff and Pharmacy College students for their concerted efforts made for the success of this initiative and its' activities, which will continue throughout Ramadan with the aim of expanding the beneficiaries of awareness and advice.
In turn, the Dean Assistant of Pharmacy for Training Affairs, Pharmacy Doctor at the Hospital, Dr. Eman Hammad, praised the efforts and endeavors of the Department of Pharmacy and its great role in engaging clinical training students in the College, which is positively reflected on them and enhances their volunteer service work towards the members of the community.
The two vice director-general of the hospital for medical affairs, Prof. Nader Al-Basoul and for administrative affairs, Prof. Mahmoud Al-Mustafa attended the activities of the initiative alongside with the head of the clinical pharmacy department, Prof. Dr. Nancy Hakos, and a number of directors of medical and administrative departments staff working in the hospital.