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JUH honors Haditha drug store for donating a device for eye operations

​The Director-General of Jordan University Hospital, Prof. Dr. Jamal Melhem, honored Al-Haditha Drug Store, represented by its Director, Dr. Taher Al-Shakhshir,  for their generous donation of a modern eye operation device to the Eye Division in the hospital.

Melhem appreciated this generous gesture from the drug store, who is a strategic partner of the hospital, stressing that this device will establish an improvement shift for eye procedures and operations.

Dr. Nakhla Abu Yaghi, the head of the Ophthalmology Division, stated that this device will contribute to providing the treatment service to the largest possible number of patients at a lower cost, adding that the division seeks, with the continuous support of the hospital administration, to provide it with the latest devices and technologies used in the treatment and surgery of various eye diseases.

For his part, Dr. Shakhshir thanked the hospital administration for the honor and the warm reception, stressing that this device will be the nucleus and the beginning of a project to establish a regional center in the hospital to train and qualify ophthalmologists, and to hold scientific conferences related to the eyes.

The general manager of the Haditha drug store, Dr. Shakhshir, received the hospital’s honorary shield, in the presence of the two vice director generals for medical affairs, Prof. Dr. Nader Al-Bousoul, and for administrative affairs, Prof. Mahmoud Al-Mustafa, and the head of the Ophthalmology Division, Dr. Nakhla Abu Yaghi, Dr. Moatasem Al-Rabee, and representatives from the drug store.