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Respiratory Therapy Unit


This unit was established in 1979, it provides evidence-based respiratory care to serve JUH patients complemented by the latest technology and most advanced therapeutic modalities.

Treatments and services offered at the Respiratory Therapy Unit:


           Oxygen Therapy.




           Ventilation management


           arterial blood gas analysis


           Pulmonary function tests.


           Chest Physiotherapy.


           Care provided by CPR Team.


           Pre-operation and post- operation chest management.


JUH Respiratory Therapy Unit is provided with a range of the latest respiratory equipment for respiratory care, such as:


           Arterial Blood Gas Analyzers.






The Respiratory Therapy Unit is a vital part of Jordan University Hospital providing an array of services and diagnostic testing to aid in healing as well as improving the lifestyle of patients suffering from lung and cardiac disorders, offering specialized programs to help them to quit smoking and other harmful habits related to their respiratory system.