Medical Tourism

Jordan University Hospital opens its doors to patients from near and far, proving the highest quality care they rightfully deserve.  At JUH, we understand and appreciate your investment of time, effort, and resources towards achieving better health.  We commit to guide you through the entire process, from the moment you enter JUH, until the very end of your treatment.

Jordan University Hospital is the first university teaching hospital in Jordan. The Royal decree was issued on January 1st, 1971 to establish Amman Great Hospital, annexed to the University of Jordan in 1975 under the Royal decree to become the Jordan University Hospital. Since that date it has been serving its health care services to patients at the national and the international levels, offering teaching and training programs for students of healthcare faculties at the University of Jordan and other universities as well as other health institutions via signed agreements due to the fact that JUH is considered as one of the first teaching hospitals at the level of the Arab World and the Middle East. It is also recognized as the first world academic medical center hospital at the level of the Arab world, and the eighteenth at the level of the World according to the rating of the Joint Commission International (JCI).


Jordan University Hospital includes more than 25 specialized medical units, it has (64) specialty and subspecialty in the different medical fields, and a bed capacity of 550. JUH is a research and teaching center of excellence that provides training programs for students of healthcare faculties (faculty of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, Nursing, and Rehabilitation Sciences) at the University of Jordan and other universities. it offered different training programs to (17279) students of healthcare faculties at the University of Jordan; (3092) of them were doctors, (1143) Jordanian and Arab consultants, (2011) dentists, (5928) nurses, (4035) pharmacists, and (1070) students of Rehabilitation Sciences.

JUH has obtained a number of international and national medals of Honor, the most recently was obtaining the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI) for Academic Medical Center Hospitals; recognizing it as a world academic medical center hospital. As well as obtaining the International Organization for Standardization certification (ISO) for the third time, Hazard Analysis and Control Points Certification for food safety (HACCP) for the second time, and the certificate of Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC).

JUH is recognized as an international referral center in the Middle East, being staffed with competent well-trained physicians in all the medical fields, and equipped with the latest medical technologies. JUH strives to provide premium medical care and exemplary healthcare services in a timely manner and in accordance with recognized international standards within a safe and hygienic environment at affordable costs. 

JUH has built great national and international relationships with other Arab and foreign healthcare institutions through signing medical, academic, technical, and research agreements. Throughout the year of 2013, JUH received more than 7000 patients seeking from other Arab countries.

With a booming medical tourism industry, Jordan is currently the top destination in the Middle East for medical tourists from around the world. Apart from some obvious advantages, Jordan also provides visitors with numerous vacationing options. Recently crowned one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; Petra is a major tourist attraction in Jordan. Apart from this, most medical tourists particularly favor the world-class spas on offer at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, in addition to visiting four of the towns of the Decapolis existed in Jordan, Gerasa (Jerash), Gadara (Umm Qais), Pella (West of Irbid), and  Capitolias (Beit Ras), where the remains of the Roman Empire can be found, as well as the site of John the Baptist's settlement at Bethany Beyond the Jordan on the east bank of the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized. Jordan has a well developed tourism infrastructure in place, with tourism being an important contributor to its economy. Visitors have a wide range of choice amongst hotels and resorts, and travel is extremely convenient.

JUH lies North West of the Capital Amman surrounded by its beautiful gardens and the campus of the University of Jordan. It has an easy access to and from Queen Alia International Airport through Al Madina Al Munawara Street. It is close to various five, four and three stars hotels, and surrounded by many restaurants and cafes.

Thus, medical tourism in Jordan is a complete package of health and fun. We hope this information will be a valuable aid on deciding on JUH as a medical tourism destination of your choice.

We look forward to providing you with the highest level of care.